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Meet Dr Milli

have been working as a doctor for nearly 15 years now and in that time, I have seen hundreds of women struggling with their hormones and suffering with chronic health conditions.
I have myself been through a battle with my hormones, weight management and been a patient myself and tried every diet under the sun. At a point of burnout and the lowest ebb possible, I turned my health around myself through lifestyle and the choices I made. I feel like women’s health and hormones is such a poorly understood and managed area and I am committed to help empower and educate women to use natural lifestyle medicine principles (link to section) to help heal their hormones, improve health and happiness in the premenstrual, perimenopausal and menopausal phases.

follow and advocate utilising unprocessed foods and naturally metabolically flex between being a glucose and fat burner. I regularly achieve nutritional ketosis through fasting and regularly use biohacking techniques to achieve this. In my profession, being a lifelong learner is paramount, and learning about my body, hormones and how nutrition, sleep, exercise and toxic substances interact with it is a specialist interest of mine.
From acne, moodiness, emotional lability, weight gain, tiredness, low mood, vaginal symptoms and many more, this site and blog aims to help tackle these issues naturally and find lifestyle solutions first line.

I will host podcasts with other health care professionals on topical women’s health issues and my blog will discuss important issues surrounding lifestyle medicine and hormones.

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