What is lifestyle medicine?

by Dr Milli
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What is lifestyle medicine?

Lifestyle medicine is an emerging recognised speciality within medicine focussing on addressing 6 main pillars (sleep, nutrition, healthy relationships, stress management, exercise and avoidance of toxic substances) to help prevent, treat and or reverse health conditions (hormonal issues eg type 2 diabetes and obesity etc).

Dr Milli Raizada

Let’s look at each pillar and step in more detail…



Food can be the medicine we need to help
feed and fuel our hormones and help
manage hormonal imbalances.

exercise by dr milli

exercise and physical activity


Physical activity and exercise is not
only beneficial for physical health
but also mental health.

Stress Management

Stress management

Stress can be positive if managed properly.
If we do not manage stress positively, the chemical
and hormonal changes that ensue in our bodies can be negative.

sleep by dr milli

A Good Nights Sleep!


SLEEP! My mother always told me
when I was stressed, that a good night
sleep would make it all feel better tomorrow.

toxic drinks

Avoidance of Toxic Substances

Avoidance of toxic substances

Toxic substances is not limited to alcohol, drugs and smoking,
Food and environmental substances can be hormonal
disrupters and can be just as damaging to your health.

Healthy Relationships

Health Relationships

Healthy relationships with colleagues,
families and friends is crucial to
mental and physical health.

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