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Updated: May 6

I have such a weak spot for condiments with my meal. A lot of people like their food ‘dry’ and ‘clean’! But I really enjoy eggs benedict with a creamy hollandaise sauce or a grass-fed rib eye with some bearnaise sauce! The list is endless!

I find it hard to find condiments that are ’healthy’. And by that, I mean, ones that aren’t filled with extra sugar and or harmful vegetable oils filled with omega 6. You know my ethos on this guys – ALWAYS READ THE FOOD LABEL! You will be AMAZED and what actually gets put into food. Added sugar, thickener, E numbers..see for yourself – have a look at what is in the mayonnaise and condiments we buy!


How I combat my love for condiments is either making my own in advance or if I do not have time and I am on the last minute, Hunter gather products are amazing and are my go to products.


They have an amazing mayonnaise range (the only one that I can find in England which is sugar free BUT actually taste AMAZING).  A small amount added to dishes enhance the taste for me.  They even have a sugar free tomato ketchup and barbeque sauce! I add the BBQ sauce to pork ribs in the slow cooker and slow cook for ana amazing meal. The options are endless.


You can buy it from some supermarkets (Booths) and online supermarkets too (ocado). Or from amazon and or their own website:


You get a discount of your order if you order from the above link too.


Let me know what you think. Drop a comment below. Or let me know any condiment hacks you guys have too…

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