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My journey to health...

I have been working as a doctor for nearly 15 years now and in that time, I have seen thousands of women struggling with their hormones and suffering with chronic health conditions.

I have myself been through a battle with my hormones, weight management and been a patient myself and tried every diet under the sun. At a point of burnout and the lowest ebb possible, I turned my health around myself through lifestyle and the choices I made.


I feel like women’s health and hormones is such a poorly understood and managed area and I am committed to help empower and educate women to use natural lifestyle medicine principles and  conventional medicine if needed to help heal their hormones, improve health and happiness in the premenstrual, perimenopausal and menopausal phases.

Dr Milli Raizada

MBCHB Hons DGM PGcert Med Ed (merit) IBLM MRCGP


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Dr Milli Raizada, MBCHB Hons, DGM, PgCert Med Ed, IBLM, MRCGP, is an NHS GP with more than 15 years experience, best selling author, columnist and medical writer and Founder of Dr Milli Health.

She is a Senior Clinical Lecturer in primary care academia with a diploma in lifestyle medicine. She is a medical content creator, health education advocate with a particular interest in hormonal health and is a thought leader in fasting. Dr Milli has extensive knowledge of workplace wellness and educating and empowering the workforce on how to optimise their hormones.

 In the clinic, we see people with symptoms due to hormonal imbalance such as acne, moodiness, emotional lability, weight gain, tiredness, low mood, vaginal symptoms and many more.  The clinic aims to help tackle these issues naturally and find lifestyle solutions in conjunction with conventional medicine if required. Blood testing, nutrigenomic testing, other more detailed functional testing and personalised meal plans can be done if appropriate. 

Dr Milli Raizada

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