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Maca powder is from the roots of vegetables and known as peruvian ginseng and is related to the cauliflower and broccoli families. It is a hormone adaptogen –  a substance that helps balance responses (such as hormones) in the body and help boost them.

It is linked with multiple health benefits including

  • helping with hormone balance and is known for its progesterone boosting effects

  • boosts libido

  • relieving menopausal symptoms of night sweats and hot flushes

  • boosting energy

  • boosting mood

  • boosting memory

Some people cannot take it due to its high iodine content so certain people who have thyroid issues should consult with their doctor.

I add a small teaspoon to my smoothie and have noticed a difference (N=1). I have also in the past  and on hard training days, I add some collagen powder and MCT to it

Studies and references below if you want to review the evidence

PMCID: PMC3614596.

PMID: 34253105; PMCID: PMC8280844.

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